I cannot praise young Daniel Levy enough for his wonderful endeavours in producing this website to be used by those who wish to honour and celebrate the Jewish contribution and sacrifices made to the British Armed Forces.

It will be a tremendous resource for the many who will want to perpetuate the memory of all those of our brothers and sisters who died serving their country.

We Will Remember Them.

Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks

Ever since its formation in 1918, Jewish servicemen and women have had a distinguished record of service in the Royal Air Force. In the Second World War, Jewish aircrew flew valiantly in the Battle of Britain, in the campaigns of Bomber Command and in many other roles. They included those who had fled Nazi terror in Europe. Flying from Great Britain, then the last free nation resisting Hitler, they joined the Service that led the fight back onto the Continent. Throughout the subsequent decades, they have fought gallantly, and in today's Royal Air Force, which has continuously been on active operations for twenty years, the Jewish men and women in our Service have become valued members of the most combat-experienced Royal Air Force since those days of the 1940s.

I am very pleased therefore to support this initiative, as an informative and helpful way to continue to honour those Jewish men and women who have fought for this country over the last 92 years.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton KCB ADC BSc FRAeS CCMI RAF

AJEX, now entering its 90th Anniversary Year, is most gratified that Daniel Levy has so diligently contributed by the launch of this website, to the ethos of our organisation - that of Remembrance, Education, Welfare and Heritage.

We greatly appreciate and value his generosity of time spent both at our office in Hendon and literally "in the field" developing this tremendous project recording Jewish War Graves.

He is a remarkable young man, who has initiated a wonderful idea, progressed it into a most worthwhile and invaluable source for research, education and information. The database can easily be accessed now and in the future and honours those Jewish men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for their country, liberty, democracy and justice.

AJEX looks forward to co-operating further with Daniel in the future.

I wish him continued success in this outstanding project which he has so single mindedly and assiduously pioneered and continues to expand.

Jacques Weisser
Executive Director - Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen & Women (AJEX)

I congratulate Daniel Levy on his remarkable initiative and wish him every success in his endeavours.

The Rt Hon The Lord Howard of Lympne QC

This is truly a most important and impressive endeavour, and I wish it - and Daniel Levy - well in what is being undertaken.

Sir Martin Gilbert CBE
Official Biographer of Winston Churchill and International Historian

The Spanish & Portuguese Jews' Congregation founded in 1657 is very proud that Daniel Levy has launched this site. His family has been connected with our congregation for four generations. It was in our Synagogue at Bevis Marks which opened in 1701 that many services of intercession and thanksgiving were held. We remember the service after the Victory of Trafalgar in 1805. It was our member Aaron Cardozo who went to Gibraltar and helped Nelson for the preparation for the Battle of Trafalgar. It was in our Synagogue that we offered thanks to God after the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. Many Jews in England volunteered to fight on that occasion. In 1914 our member Lieutenant Frank Alexander de Pass of the 34th Poona Horse was awarded the Victoria Cross, the first Jew to gain this coveted distinction.

We congratulate Daniel Levy for his efforts in collating and recording this information.

Rabbi Dr Abraham Levy, OBE
Spiritual Head of The Spanish & Portuguese Jews' Congregation, London

The Jewish War Graves Website is a remarkable achievement and provides an important resource for family members of the fallen and for historians alike. That such an impressive and valuable undertaking should have been initiated and developed by someone of Daniel Levy's years is a true testament to his foresight and his keen understanding of the positive role we can all play in honouring those in our community who gave so much to this country.

Vivian Wineman
President of the Board of Deputies

The Jews of the United Kingdom have for centuries contributed greatly to all aspects of public life whilst maintaining a strong distinct sense of religious and cultural identity. Nowhere is the contribution more manifest than in that made in defence of the country in wartime. Sadly, many gave their lives in this cause and it is important that they are all remembered.

I am delighted that Daniel has undertaken this project. The direct memories of the First World War have disappeared over recent years and those who lived through the Second World War are becoming fewer in number. It is important that we make every effort to maintain remembrance, in part through visits to the graves of those who were killed in action. Daniel's invaluable work will enable us and future generations to honour our war heroes. I wish him every success in this project.

Dr Simon Hochhauser
President, The United Synagogue