About Us

After trips to Flanders and the Somme in 2006 and 2008, and Normandy in 2009, I wanted to make it easier to be able to locate the graves of Jewish casualties of both World Wars when visiting the many Commonwealth War Graves Cemeteries in those areas (and indeed throughout the world).

Working with AJEX and taking information regarding Jewish casualties from a book first published in 1989 and written by AJEX's Museum Curator Henry Morris, We Will Remember Them, much of the detailed data included on this site has been extracted from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website. I am grateful for the support and encouragement I have received from AJEX and in particular Jacques Weiser, Henry Morris and Leonard Stern.

It is my hope that this website will include additional personal information relating to each casualty, so that they remain something more than just a name on a page. I have therefore added the facility for such information and photos to be uploaded in order that an online record is preserved and available for all. Additional information can be added when viewing an individual record. Detailed information about particular casualties can best found from the Casualties Tab.

As indicated elsewhere in this site, I wanted to make it easy for those who wish to pay their respects to Jewish soldiers, to find their graves amongst the rows and rows of similar headstones. In this way, if a visitor is going to a particular cemetery (e.g. Bayeux in Normandy) or a particular area (Calvados/Normandy), he or she can take with a list of all those Jewish soldiers buried or commemorated, identifying the exact location of their gravestone or name. This report can be generated from the Cemeteries Tab. I have also included information about each Cemetery or War Memorial where a Jewish casualty is buried or commemorated and for ease of reference, have included Google Map references where possible to make it easy to find directions.

I have been interested in Jewish Military History for a number of years and have included some articles I have written which are on the Links page, together with links to the AJEX & CWGC web sites, as well as The War Graves Photographic Project (a project under run in conjunction with the CGWC with the aim of photographing some 1.75m British and Commonwealth gravestones or memorials).

I appreciate the support I have received from the JHub Micro Grants Programme.